We believe that the greatness of America lies not in government, but in the character of our people.


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“I’m grateful for the work of the NC Faith and Freedom Coalition. Jason Williams was instrumental in leading the largest faith-based voter education effort in the history of our state during the 2020 election cycle. We need groups like NC Faith and Freedom to combat the liberal assault on our conservative values across the state.”

– Lt. Governor Mark Robinson

“We need people like Jason Williams and groups like the North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition leading the charge to help mobilize Christians to make sure their voice is heard in Raleigh and in Washington.”

– Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“I’m proud to support the work of the NC Faith and Freedom Coalition. They are on the front lines equipping and educating people of faith to become more informed and more engaged.”

– Congressman Madison Cawthorn



Pro-Life. We support policies that respect the dignity of all human life, from the unborn to natural death.

Pro-Marriage. A strong society depends on strong families. We support public policy that encourages traditional marriage and helps families thrive.

Religious Liberty. We believe the government should not infringe on our rights to worship God.

Criminal Justice Reform. We support policies that rehabilitate people in prison and put them on the path to productive lives.

School Choice. Every child deserves a sound education, and that’s only possible when families are able to choose the school environment that’s right for them.

Combating Human Trafficking. We work with organizations across the state to help put a stop to this form of modern day slavery.



Now more than ever, Christians must be engaged citizens.

Whether they’re in Washington, DC, Raleigh, or your local city hall, elected officials need to hear our collective voices clearly.

And we need to empower faithful Christians with the facts necessary to understand which public policies reflect our values, and which ones undermine them.

To that end, North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition works to:  

    1. Inform voters about critical issues relevant to faith-based communities in North Carolina,
    2. Equip our supporters and activists with the tools they need to be a force for good in the governmental and political arena.
    3. Educate the public, policy makers, and candidates for office about our key issues.


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Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman
Ralph Reed is founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. He was senior advisor to the Bush-Cheney campaigns in both 2000 and 2004, and chairman of the Southeast Region for BC04. As chairman of the Georgia Republican Party he led the GOP to its biggest victory in history, helping to elect the first Republican Governor and third U.S. Senator since Reconstruction. Reed is chairman and CEO of Century Strategies, LLC, a public relations and public affairs firm. As executive director of the Christian Coalition from 1989-1997, he built one of the most effective public policy organizations in recent political history. He is the best-selling author and editor of six books. He is married to his wife Jo Anne and is the father of their four children.
Jason Williams
Executive Director
Jason Williams is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition. He has worked to organize canvassing efforts in NC with Faith and Freedom since 2016. In 2020, he led the largest faith based get out the vote effort in the history of North Carolina. Jason is dedicated to promoting a Biblical worldview in the political arena. As a former county commissioner, he led the charge to help defund the morning after pill, supported funding for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center, sponsored a resolution supporting marriage between a man and a woman, and put our national motto, “In God We Trust” on the county courthouse. He and his wife, Shannon live in Gastonia and have been blessed with 6 kids.
Tracy Philbeck
North Carolina Chairman
Tracy Philbeck is the chairman of the NC Faith and Freedom Coalition. He is a current Gaston County Commissioner and has served on numerous community boards including The Least of These of Gaston County, and The Dream Center of Gaston County, Gaston County Economic Development Commission, Children’s Advocacy Center of Gaston County, National Association of Counties Community & Economic Development Steering Committee, North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Public Education Steering Committee, as well as countless others. He is married to Rebecca, and God has blessed them with two beautiful children, Eliana and Levi.
Clarence Henderson
Clarence Henderson is a NC Faith and Freedom Ambassador. He has worked with the organization since 2019 with a focus on minority outreach. In 1960, on the second day of the historic Greensboro sit-in, Clarence Henderson bravely joined three friends at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Knowing the potential consequences of being a black man at a predominately “white’s only” restaurant, they were steadfast in their peaceful quest for equal rights. From that point, Clarence was in the forefront of the civil rights battle inspiring similar sit-ins across the nation. Governor Pat McCrory conferred in 2016 The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award to Clarence with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary. In May 2017, Mr. Henderson was appointed President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation for the State of North Carolina. He was also recognized multiple times by President Trump for his leadership in the Civil Rights movement. Today, Mr. Henderson is a champion for freedom and conservative values. His message will inspire you and teach you how to change the narrative in this nation, from “Liberty for a few” to “Liberty for All!”
Dr. Paul A. Brintley
Dr. Paul A. Brintley is a NC Faith and Freedom Ambassador. He is committed to engaging with minorities and pastors and encouraging them to lead in promoting a biblical worldview in our culture. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has owned multiple businesses including a paralegal firm, multiple franchises including Subway and DentMax, as well as an Allstate insurance agency. Dr. Paul is currently the Senior Pastor and founder of Christian Fellowship Assembly in Dallas, North Carolina. His travels have included South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Canada, Haiti, Israel, Germany, India, Poland, El Salvador, London, Zimbabwe and 30 states in the USA. Through his travels and work in the mission field, He has established several churches in India, Poland and Africa and provides 100’s of DVD’s and printed materials to strengthen and support those churches. Paul attended Duke University School of Divinity where he furthered his studies in the gospel. He has a Paralegal Degree from Kings College and a Bachelor of Theology from Agape College. His latest educational achievement is that he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Piedmont College of Theology. He has authored books entitled Loyalty to the Man of God, Two Wives in the Parsonage, and Business by Faith. He is married to Celeste Crocker and they have one son, Paul Brintley II.